White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle
White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle
White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle
White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle
White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle
Limited Edition

White Choc Brownie + Cookie Dough Bundle

To celebrate World Chocolate Day on 7th July, we are making a limited run of our hugely popular White Choc Chip Brownies AND introducing you to our new White Choc Chip Cookie Dough!

Our fudgy brownie is filled with vegan white chocolate chips and then drizzled with rich dark chocolate. You can purchase these alone or in a bundle with our White Choc Chip Bake at Home Cookie Dough. 

Every box is available with FREE SHIPPING for delivery 9th - 20th July. Both brownies and cookie dough freeze well for the summer holidays...

These unbelievably decadent plant-based brownies are free from eggs and dairy but you would never guess they are vegan!

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The perfect choice

What’s in the box?

Fudgy brownie with white chocolate chips and a drizzle of dark chocolate, plus white choc chip cookie dough.

How to store

Our brownies are best kept in an airtight box in the fridge so they stay gooey and delicious. They will keep for 14 days from the baked date but best eaten fresh. Enjoy them cold or pop them in the microwave for 10 - 30 seconds for a sumptuious snack.


The most delicious brownie!

Beautifully packaged in a hot pink leopard print, the Cake or Death experience is luxury treat, from it dropping on your doormat, right through to the last mouthful. These aren’t any ordinary brownies. Cake or Death brownies are everything a brownie should be and more; fudgey, indulgent and very moreish, all made with the very best quality plant-based ingredients. Both vegans and non-vegans alike are huge fans. They make the perfect treat for yourself or a friend.


Not only are our products vegan, many are also gluten free

Letterbox friendly

Next day delivery across the UK including NI and CI

Personalised gift message

Say it with brownies (and a lovely little note)

Plastic-free packaging

Recycle and compost it, you won't find any plastic with us

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews

Woman eating a delicious vegan chocolate brownie from Cake or Death with her eyes closed
“These are the best brownies I have ever tried and if I didn't know I would never have guessed they were vegan”


“Best brownies I've ever had! My non-vegan friends also adore these. If only I had the recipe… Staff are always lovely and the aesthetic is top-notch!”


“My wife has ordered these brownies for me as a gift a couple of times and they might be the best thing I've ever eaten. No exaggeration, they are obscenely good.”


“Amazing! These were sent to me in the post from a friend and was such a lovely surprise. The tastiest vegan brownies I have ever had and beautifully packaged too. Will be buying for myself and for friends in future. Thank you.”